BC4 Clubs

American Muscle Car Club
Antique Automobile Club
Bay British Car Club
Bay Mustang Club
Classic Cruisers
Crazy Cruisers
Dark Side Ponies
Emerald Coast Corvette Club
Florida Mopars
Hot Wheels Car Club
NFSP Motorsports
New South Cruisers
Outlaws Car Club
Renegade Car Club
Southern Street Car Motorsports
Sunshine State Corvette Club
Tricked Out Car Club

What is the BC4 Meeting & Membership Policy?

The Bay County Car Club Coalition, or BC4 as it has come to be known, was established in June of 2006, by a number of different car clubs within Panama City, for the sole purpose of preventing multiple events being scheduled on the same days. Over the years, the BC4 has grown in numbers and has proven a great venue for discussing all things car related.

Participation in the BC4 has a number of benefits some of which include sharing club news, either verbally at the meetings, or across this professionally maintained BC4 website; learning of each club’s plans for upcoming events; gaining insight on how other club’s operate; and receiving information of discounted parts or services for car clubs just to mention a few.

BC4 Membership is strictly voluntary, and requires no fees or dues. Any Car Club in Bay County or surrounding counties are eligible for membership; however, to remain a member in good standing of the BC4, attendance at the monthly BC4 meetings is required. Each club must send at least one (1) representative, but no more than three (3) representatives to the monthly meetings, held from February to October, at a regularly scheduled time and place as determined by the majority of the BC4 clubs, to distribute and/or collect information to be shared with each club’s members. Lack of attendance by any club for three (3) consecutive months, without notifying the BC4 Chairperson of these absences, or a total of four (4) missed meetings in a row, regardless of notifications, will result in removal from the BC4 roster, website and email distribution. In addition, any and all additional privileges and entitlements will be revoked.

Re-instatement back into the BC4 is as simple as sending a representative back to the BC4 monthly meetings; however, some benefits will be made available as they are become available, with the club's placement being reverted back to last place, as a new club.


What does the BC4 stand for?

The BC4 stands for the Bay County Car Club Coalition.

What is the purpose of the BC4?

BC4 was created to provide a safe and respectful forum for all interested Car Clubs to gather, once a month, to share events and activities with other Car Clubs; to prevent scheduling duplication amongst clubs, and to foster club participation with the other Car Club events and charitable fund raising efforts.

When was the BC4 created?

The BC4 was created in 2006.

Can anyone join the BC4?

Yes. If you are a car club, no matter the size, you are welcome to join the BC4. You can view the BC4 Club Listing on this page to see our current club lineup.

Would my club be obligated to other BC4 rules (besides attendance); would there be someone from the BC4 trying to run my club or give out orders to it?

No. Your club is yours, completely & freely. Each club in the BC4 is a separate entity from each other, and there is no one involved in the operations of any clubs, being an authority over another, or handing out assignments, orders, duties or really anything at all to you. You do as you wish with your club.

Who operates the BC4?

The BC4 acting clubs vote in a volunteer chairperson each October to be acting chair for the following year. Several club presidents have done so, and you would able to - if that interests you. You can visit the current chairperson's page by clicking here and reading more. The chairperson maintains the monthly meetings and keep the agenda on track.

Is the BC4 affiliated with any professional organizations?

No. The BC4 is an informal forum for easy mutual communications to each other. That is pretty much it.

Does it cost money to join?

No. Membership is free, but a club representative will need to be present at each monthly meeting from February to October.

How does the BC4 pay for operational costs?

The BC4 chairperson, Sammy Allen of American Muscle Car Club, donates his time to organize the collective efforts of the BC4. The BC4 utilizes the Leitz Office Products boardroom for meetings, provided by them to us at no cost. Each club is responsible for bringing their own printout of the monthly agenda, so there are no operational or office costs involved. The only other costs required to operate the BC4 is with this website. James Clemens of Tricked Out Car Club, created and maintains it completely and pays for all costs ($3600 annually) associated, so there are no costs to you. These are all of the costs involved to operate the BC4, and they are all graciously donated.

Do I have to belong to the BC4 to present information at a monthly meeting?

No. You can contact the current chairperson about attending a monthly meeting anytime to speak to all the clubs at once.

Do I have to belong to the BC4 or attend a meeting to submit info to be listed on this website?

No. We provide a BC4 calendar of event listing for auto and community events. As long as the event is in the Southeast United States, and submitted to the BC4 webmaster with all required info, it will be listed. Please note we do not post flyers or extract info from them. You are responsible for sending all required info typed for easy "copy & paste" procedures.

If you visit one of the calendar pages, you will see the format used, which is how your info should be typed up. This is the standard format used for all events, no exceptions. We have provided a handy "web form" on the BC4 Webmaster page to make this process as easy as possible on you.

And even if you attend a meeting, you will need to submit your event info to the BC4 webmaster in the proper format to be included on the community event page.

Bay County Car Club Coalition

The BC4 stands for the Bay County Car Club Coalition. We are a diverse collection of some of Bay County's Finest Car Clubs.

From classic cars and modded tuners to tight trucks and custom rods - together, we make up the auto enthusiast community for the Florida Panhandle. We host numerous events, shows and charitable fund raisers within our beautiful Bay County, Florida community each year and we welcome you to them all. Help us continue the heritage by attending an event.

The Bay County Car Club Coalition has a busy calendar ahead, so come on out and meet the people and see the rides. Whenever you are looking for some car community fun, you will find plenty of it here with the BC4 clubs. If you have an event that you would like us to attend, please contact us with all the information and we will do our best to attend and add some fun to your community event.